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We will (r)evolve

During Spring 2019, my friend Angie and I dealt with human emotions by creating a collaboration of art and prose. By combining our talents of the written word and artwork, we were able to present a guided tour of emotions. It was a lightning rod that struck us one day during our coffee banter at our favorite coffee house. Our experience taught us the best ideas happen when we are not looking for them but instead as we ramble back and forth about any given topic of the day, laughter included. We were excited about this project and knew it would work. We planned and communicated via weekly text and video messages to balance the themes and stories we wanted to tell. We knew what we were doing because it was personal to each of us. The idea behind the entire show was to relay our own past experiences with personal feelings so they related to the viewer. We named the show (r)evolve.

(r)evolve art show
The (r)evolve logo is indicative of how one’s life may go along smoothly and then trauma and disorganization entangles us. If one gets through the emotions and thought process, only then can they continue on a smoother path.

Story here:

Fast Forward One Year

It has been one year since our show debuted and, as I write this, nearly two months into the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, Angie had just sent me a message about how things are feeling strange, maybe a shift is happening. I believe it’s because we’ve all become such prisoners in our own homes for a period of time. We hit a wall and it means we should climb the wall to see what’s on the other side so we can move forward. A breakthrough. It’s a new level of thinking in our own game of living this insane pandemic ritual. Sometimes this brings the next phase of creativeness. I know my brain talks to me a lot these days which has prompted more thinking, organizing, and changing. If you’re lucky, those won’t scare you.

Our collaboration was a large success and, just as importantly, Angie and I learned from it. The comments, in depth conversations, and tears all took us by surprise even though that was our goal. We didn’t want to see people in pain but wanted them to deal with a bit of their own emotions in their lives. We asked the viewers to take a guided tour of emotions. We wanted to relate to them. We wanted to reach out and touch their heart and mind to say we understood.

Later in 2019 our plans were to create a book from our show. At this time, I had some of my own personal experiences in life that meant the book would be postponed. Even though the light at the end of this Covid-19 tunnel is fuzzy at best, we are already talking about expanding the art show and getting the book started. I’m certain this year will give more meaning to emotions and how it might change all of us. There are those who have maintained safety and health and so many others who have experienced great loss. Whatever hopeful outlook so many of us had for 2020, I hope the difficult lessons that are being learned now will turn into creative forces to be shared. After all, life is art is life.

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