The LOVE Collection

We all need love, love of ourselves, from someone else, or even the connection through a pet. In this busy crazy world, we let things slip and slide until it’s easier to just ignore it. Even I need to practice LOVE. Sure, it’s in my heart, but do I share it? Do I exude that? Do you?

During a few hours while I was creating on my iPad, drawing new designs, I just let it flow. I didn’t have a theme or an idea, I just did whatever came out. Love came out. Literally. And, as oftentimes this is how ideas happen, I embarked on my new LOVE Collection. This will be a collection for all of 2018, with new LOVE designs happening each quarter of the year! So, here is the first of four I’ll be sharing, and I hope you will too. I’m making it easy for you to share some love, hugs, and warmth with those near and far.

Perhaps this will put a little tiny dent in our harried world. Maybe it will remind us to be kind.

With Love, Robin

Go to the link below to find this fun LOVE Collection!

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