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Relationships are Rocking Social Marketing

I’ve just returned from attending my first Social Media Marketing World experience in San Diego, California . Yes, experience. I had made plans six months ago because I am an artist and solopreneur, which means I do it all, marketing included. The conference promos kept knocking at the back door of my brain and everyone I connected with prior said, “You’ll LOVE it”. They were right. I attended amazing keynote presentations, multiple networking breaks, marketing expert sessions, and made time for a great dinner with strangers.

Hitting that daily 10,000 step goal was a given, since this year’s machine known as #SMMW18 placed you sweetly into a huge cloud of other like-minded folk with constant energy. Expectations were high. I went into it making an agreement with myself that I would not be overwhelmed. If I was feeling that, I’d back off and take a break before continuing. The thing is, I didn’t want to stop at all! I attended on the Creator Ticket, which was perfect for my maiden voyage. It assured me the experience but not the overload. I am a changed human, or perhaps just an enlightened one.

Although the learning happens during every minute of the conference, the change happens after you’ve arrived home, had some down time, caught up on sleep, and set the event aside for a bit. The soaking in. Five days later, I’m still soaking and visualizing the next steps. I’m anxious and excited to see how I share my future business.

The conference offered so many opportunities, you have no excuse to fail. However, what I also enjoyed were the moments surrounding the conference that provided lessons on their own. I discovered that shuttle drivers and transport drivers already know the understanding of relationships. It comes naturally to them, and we should all be listening. My transportation needs included air, shuttle, and car for this trip. If you’re paying attention, these seasoned folks will train you in customer service and completion of a sale within a short timeframe, making you want to use them again. They provided connection, which was a theme during Social Media Marketing World.

Tell Your Story

Bryan, my transport driver was a natural talker and I was able to keep up. I learned that he has been through some rough times but has vision and dreams, which he is going after. I felt like I gained a new friend within our 15 minutes together, and he made me want to do business with him. His personality and energy made me want to know more about him. I was happy that I used his services that day and, of course, tipped him accordingly. Deal done. He had executed the personality and story telling within his service to accomplish a full service. It was a mini course for me and all I could do was be absolutely amused.

Two days later I was on a shuttle with Marques who owned his shuttle service. This was his retirement business at age 64. We got to spend 45 minutes together on our trip to the airport. I was the sole passenger so that enabled us to get to know one another. Again, a natural talker, he told me about his careers and hobbies of being an entrepreneur, a fire fighter, and car restoration expert (Corvettes). His van was spotless and service polite. Again, full service, and I was more than happy to do business with him. Afterwards, he even texted me a discount code to use for future rides. I’ll be looking for Marques again.

Being from a small community, these stories and concepts do not surprise me. You create relationships with people (today it’s called a tribe), and this is how you acquire good friends and partnerships for a lifetime. There is a shift happening in social media marketing that some will not be good at. However, if you are attending this type of conference, you are one big step ahead of everyone else. If you’re not attending, then your business should look to these marketing specialists because they are keeping up to date with an ever changing and fast paced marketing world.

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I like that I dropped myself into this conference setting at a time when a shift is happening. Our presenters voiced the same objective over and over. We are all in business, for others or for ourselves. It’s not so much about the numbers but about the relationships. So, maintain those loyal customers that you already have. DUH! Keep your stories real. YEAH! Have fun and keep your humor. YOU KNOW IT!

I’m looking forward to next year’s conference. You should go, you’ll LOVE it.

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