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Number One Question: How’d You Do That?

I love showing my work to diverse audiences because they teach me so much. Immediate reactions are always interesting and questions of curiosity are very telling. Most of the questions that come at me are about how I did something within my work, or a specific piece. I love these questions because it tells me that the person asking is someone curious and perhaps wants to learn how to do that. I can tell when someone is deeply curious because of how they study the piece, they just want to know. Sometimes they just want the answer so they are not wondering about it after they leave. Other times, they ask because they too are an artist.

Of late, many of my pieces have illustrative details added which beckon many of these comments and questions. I’m talking about the addition of using tools made by . These tools make it possible to apply fine lines, dots, and shapes to whatever you work on. I absolutely love them and they are my go-to favorite detail tools. I can scribble, dot, draw, and write with them. It takes practice and depends on the surface you are using. Once you get the hang of them, you’ll use them like a pro. Those of you who like tiny details throughout your work, these are something you need to try.

They come as the bottle plus applicator or the applicator which can be applied to particular paint bottles. Shown are both: I can mix up acrylic paint I want to use for the bottle applicator or attach an applicator to an existing bottle of paint (In my case, using them on Golden high flow). Make sure in either case that you have the lid tightly secure. The applicator on the high flow bottle tended to leak when I squeezed so I simply used my amazing girl power to make sure it is on there like a vice!  

The cap includes an attached pin that pokes into the applicator needle so that there is no drying out. When I am ready to use it, I just unscrew the cap, and go. You can find these at most art supply stores.

Try them. Play with them. Learn them. I’d love to see what you do with them and I’d also like to know what tools you use as a creator. I’m always looking for new ones to try.

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