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Now, Where Did I Put That Funnybone?

Of course, the day I have to get all things art festival completed, is the day that my creativity wants to kick into high gear. What is that last minute energy before a great event? I’m working on the little details, the office management part of getting things done today, but no, my mind wants to create brilliant ideas at the last minute. Maybe it’s just my blueberry infused cold brew coffee saying “gotcha”?

I think we all have a certain ebb and flow of creativity, or whatever it is you favor, but can that be predicted? It’s like your own personal analytics graph (Oh, I wonder if I could paint that?) (that was my mind wandering, which it does so many times a day) (I’ll stop using parenthesis here). But really, have you studied your own fluctuations when it comes to creativity or production? I’d like to map that. Is there an app for that? (Oh, I should start creating apps!). OhEmGee.

As far as creative production and staying organized, I sort of have a whole file system in my head, yes my head. If you see me blinking a lot, I’m just rearranging files. I know, you should keep notes, make lists, track things…Ugh. As much as I love analytics (why is anal in that word?), I love even more getting things done. Now, don’t roll your eyes at me yet, I can organize a space like nobody’s type A business and then rearrange it two days later. But I am getting older, so writing things down is going to have to become a reality sooner than later. Grrrr.

I do use a few things to keep myself in check and I’ll share those below. I love the quote by Reba McEntire “To thrive in life you need three bones. A wishbone. A backbone. And a funny bone”. I think we all strive for those and each day your personal analytics juggle them at varying degrees. Obviously today, my funny bone is at a higher percentage. Maybe THAT’S a last minute stress reliever and THAT’S why we get a burst of energy just before an event? Aha!

Here are some of my fave apps that I use regularly to stay on point. Please share yours.
Planner Pro: Calendar to set notes, tasks, and events
Sideline: Get a free second phone number on your phone. I use it for my business number.
Adobe Spark Post: Create quick and attractive social media posts and ads
Dropbox: If you are working with photos and files between devices, this is a lifesaver
Square: Always have to be ready for a sale!
Microsoft Word: to type out blog posts at any given moment, on any of my devices

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