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What’s your favorite fundraising event? Mine is the Garden City Banner Art Auction! This year is the tenth annual auction, an accomplishment for our downtown organizers and a tribute to the area folks who support art in our community. Each year a selection of artists, near and far, paint whatever their creativity desires. Over a span of several months, these banners are painted, displayed along our main street, and then auctioned off to anxious bidders hoping to take home their favorites. It’s an amazing sight, the large ballroom with over 40 banners lined high around the room. It takes your breath away.

There have been years that I did not attend the auction. Sitting amongst a large crowd of people while they bid on your art, is near excruciating. It’s different than selling a piece of your own art, I can do that all day long. So, what’s the difference? I suppose it’s the lack of control, the sitting there listening to a diverse group of people place their value on YOUR art. That doesn’t take place in any other occupation or hobby, does it? What if your job, your expertise, was auctioned off to the highest bidder? What is that worth? Uncomfortable, right?

This year, as much as I want to be there, I will miss the auction on November 4, 2017. As scheduling would have it, I’ll be in Arizona for a juried art festival. Bittersweet. Hopefully I’ll be able to watch from afar. In its tenth year, the Banner Art Auction will be a great one. I’ve seen all the work and it’s incredible. Many people don’t realize what an art hub we have here in western Kansas. Amongst the many jewels in our area, creativity is surely one of them. Congratulations go to Garden City Downtown Vision for all the auction fundraisers prior and especially for this milestone year.

Tickets are still available at the Downtown Vision office, 120 E. Laurel Street, Garden City, KS 67846. For questions, you can contact them at OR 620-276-0891. Visit the link below to view all the artwork available for auction!

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