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Faux Rust

Once in a while, I feel the urge to get things all mixed up! Not that my life isn’t organized chaos already, but when I’m in the studio, sometimes that collection of papers and textures begins to beckon. My latest texture, and great mixed media addition, is faux rust. It’s very interesting going through the process and fun to watch as this creative science experiment advances into wonderful pieces of rusted texture to add to your artwork.

Several years ago I attended Art Unraveled in Phoenix. This is an annual workshop based conference with amazing daily sessions, for your choosing, to attend. I had a great time and learned so many tricks and techniques to bring back to my own studio. One workshop that I attended was presented by professional artist Carol Nelson who taught us a simple way to apply faux rust to items. It’s one of those moments your brain starts to wander all over the place….I can apply this to so many things! And we did.

Finally, I attempted to do it all by myself in my studio. However, instead of applying what Carol had taught, I decided to try something similar. I found and ordered a kit from Modern Masters. Wow. I tested it on different surfaces and decided I liked the outcome. Modern Masters makes the rust kit and two other patina kits. These can be used on many things. If you get a kit, make sure to read through the directions, it will take time between applications so don’t be in a hurry. The outcome is worth the wait. Included here are pictures of my progression. Enjoy and let me know if you try it out yourself. Go faux!

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