What’s your favorite fundraising event? Mine is the Garden City Banner Art Auction! This year is the tenth annual auction, an accomplishment for our downtown organizers and a tribute to the area folks who support art in our community. Each year a selection of artists, near and far, paint whatever their creativity desires. Over a […]

Number One Question: How’d You Do That?

I love showing my work to diverse audiences because they teach me so much. Immediate reactions are always interesting and questions of curiosity are very telling. Most of the questions that come at me are about how I did something within my work, or a specific piece. I love these questions because it tells me […]

Now, Where Did I Put That Funnybone?

Of course, the day I have to get all things art festival completed, is the day that my creativity wants to kick into high gear. What is that last minute energy before a great event? I’m working on the little details, the office management part of getting things done today, but no, my mind wants […]

Banner Art Fundraiser

My favorite fundraiser is coming up, actually it’s been in progress for months, but the finale is around the corner and that’s when things come to life. The Garden City (Kansas) Downtown Vision (Main Street program) organizes the Banner Art Walk and Auction this time each year. I love it because it allows artists […]