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Banner Art Fundraiser

My favorite fundraiser is coming up, actually it’s been in progress for months, but the finale is around the corner and that’s when things come to life. The Garden City (Kansas) Downtown Vision (Main Street program) organizes the Banner Art Walk and Auction this time each year. I love it because it allows artists a unique visual platform and a fun environment for our main street. It’s part of bringing and keeping art in our community.

This year, approximately 42 hand painted banners lined main street for a month before being taken down and cleaned, prepped for the auction on November 5th. Many look forward to this event because they’ve viewed and chosen some of their favorites before bidding at the auction. And, you NEVER know what will happen once there!

Sometimes I attend the event, sometimes I sit out. It can be nerve wracking to sit amongst folks while they are bidding on your work of art. It’s your soul poured out in paint and strokes of what you hope are slightly genius. Someone is going to put a value on YOUR work and that’s just odd. But, you take the hits. You take the highs and the lows. You still survive. Paint on.

So, what value do you put on your work? It’s hard enough to calculate value as a professional artist because there are so many things to consider. What value do you place on YOUR work, no matter what you do? Take a moment, value the things you do on a daily basis. Look around and consider your value. You’d be surprised of your conclusion.

Regardless of how others try to value you in what you do, be confident that you ARE valuable. The world has a funny way of keeping us in balance. Just keep moving forward in honesty, hard work, and creativity because you are priceless.

Now, time to order more paint and new canvases!

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