When You Just Know It! Not!

Three days ago was my last day of employment at a job of over fifteen years. Today was my first day of practicing my new career as a solo entrepreneur. Of course the day needed a start with coffee and a visit with a friend. The caffeine kicked in and I was ready to do…………………………..WAIT! What exactly was it that I was to do? I’ve had this entire picture in my head for years and, in foresight, I forgot to plan this one day.

My spare time in the last few months has involved viewing numerous online workshops, online video interviews of peers, and reading everything I could to fill my art brain with entrepreneurial power! As I’m typing this blog, I am listening to another online workshop through www.creativelive.com. Great site. Go learn.

Just days ago, as I was traveling, I picked back up on the book The Art of Work, by Jeff Goins. I happen to be reading the most appropriate part for me on that very day.  The pages clarified that when someone reaches their goal, or becomes who they want to be in their success, it’s not just a matter of happenstance. His words were great in explaining the common reaction that some people may have when asked, “How did you know when it was time to make such a move from working a full time job to working for yourself?”.  You just know it. But the truth is that’s not it at all. It felt as if he was jumping off the page and speaking directly to me! 

The fact is we build our entrepreneurial spirit by all the steps and experiences we take through time. In other words, it’s not just something you know, it’s every decision and experience you’ve made over time, maybe years. Throughout my years, I did reflect on how my job experiences were pretty cool and how so many humans in my life have been unconditionally supportive.

Today, I just know it! NOT. Looking back, I HAVE made all these decisions that have given me the skills to be a free agent. It’s exciting and frightening, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Here’s to diving in on day one, and every other day after.

Where are your decisions and experiences leading you?

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